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Profile of Dustin from a HP RP site.
General Information ( may be updated)
Name: Dustin Scudder
Nickname: Dusty
Age: 15
Date of Birth: March 14th
Language: English and a little bit of German
Blood Status: Pure Blood
House: Slytherin
Year: 5th Year
Best Class: Divination
Worst Class Potions
Bogart: The more threatening ghosts
Patronus: Mostly Black Raven with a few noticeable white feathers in its wings.
Wand Beech/Black Walnut wood with an enchantment of Phoenix feather
Hair Color: Mostly Black
Eye Color: Blue Eyes
Height: 5' 10"
Distinguishing Features: His nose is slightly bigger than normal
Attire: Dustin would usually be seen wearing his school u
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Profile of Max from a Harry Potter RP
General Information--work in progess(may be updated. This is from when Harry Potter is in his 5th Year.)
Name: Max McDean
Nickname: Max
Age: 13
Date of Birth: Feb 16th
Language: English
Blood Status: Half Blood
House: Gryffindor
Year: 3rd year
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures & Animals
Worst Class Potions
Wand: Maple and Unicorn/ 10 inches
Bogart: Sense/Vision of him falling from a great distance
Patronus: Scottish Terrier
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Green blend
Height: 5 Ft 5 inches
Weight: 145
Citizenship: England
Hometown: Crawley
Religion: Christianity (Church of England) He usually attend monthly.
Attire: likes to wear business casual clothing most of the time but he do not mind wearing casual clothes such as a light blue knit shirt sometimes.
Father: Lee
Mother: Linda
Siblings: Rita
He is somewhat shy and sometimes a bit timid and cowardly. He tends to be talkative when nervous. He however is willing to try to be friendly and sp
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Waterfall in Utah by wellch Waterfall in Utah :iconwellch:wellch 1 2 Mountain in Utah by wellch Mountain in Utah :iconwellch:wellch 1 1,171
Name: Max McDean
nickname: Mikey
Age: 27
Birthday: Feb 15, 1982
School/House: Hogwarts- Gryffindor
Occupation: Part Owner of a Magical Creature pet shop on Diagon Alley
Physical Description: Max still have a youthful look to him. He never grew very tall. just getting to 5' 5". So far he has no gray hair. His hair is light brown and has hazel/green eyes. Sometimes he tries to grow a beard naturally to make himself look older but it just comes out stubby so Max gave up. But he gave it up for good when people thought that he looked much better and natural without one.

Personality Description: He is still slightly shy but is not that timid. Sometimes he can be brave when needed. But he is not rash in doing anything most of the time.. He tends to be talkative when nervous. He however is willing to try to be friendly and speak to people in spite of his shyness. As a hobby, he does like to draw and play the piano. It is just something that he likes to do for fun. Presently it is not a great passion. Max is a halfblood but is extremely willing to make friends no matter what blood they are.

He can be cautious and careful in his decision It may take some prodding or encouragement for him to take big risks or chances.
In fact, Max was nearly surprised when the Sorting Hat placed him into Gryffindor. It came close to placing him in Hufflepuff. It took about 10 minutes before it decided on Gryffindor

Max can be modest sometimes. He does not like to brag on his accomplishments at school.
Max is not a person who makes friends too quickly, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends that he does make and who expect the same loyalty in return. But it takes a lot to shake his trust in them.

History: The first 2 years were rather ordinary. Max was happy to fly under the radar during that time. In his 3rd year, Max began to blossom in his skills. It was due to the help of some upper classmen in Gryffindor looking for younger students to help and mentor. They took a great liking to Max and considered him as a useful younger brother.
During Harry Potter's 7th year and his own 5th year, Max left Hogwarts with the other younger students for his own protection. There were a couple of close calls when he was leaving the school. But none of the deatheaters's spell hit him.

After the war ended, Max returned to school to repeat his 5th year that he missed. It was rather sad for him sometimes since several students died in that war. And he knew a couple of them. Yet Max knew that life must go on and he knew that they would want him to graduate. Max felt that it was time for him to start being an friend to the new students arriving as well as the 2nd years. He still knew what that was like. Sometimes the younger students came to Max for counsel. Max was a bit surprised about it. But he tried to help. However he does refer them to the Hogwarts official student clinical counselor too or one of the prefects. He was amazed that many of them liked Max. Hagrid especially liked Max since he was gentle with the creatures. Hagrid was careful not to let Max handle the more dangerous one until his last year.

In his last year, Max was came close to becoming a prefect himself. But he was grateful that someone else got it. Max did not want that responsibility. That year, Max finally was able to assist the dragon handlers in their responsbilities a few times. He saw Percy handle them well and was impressed. But Max did not want to bother him. He did speak with some of his assistants whom did like Max's willingness to help and knowing how not to provoke creatures in anger.

A couple of year after school, Max started a Magical Creature pet shop with a Ravenclaw friend that he had a crush on at school. With his personality and her brains, the store was doing well. They got married a year after that. Max even subbed for Hagrid a couple of times in his CAMC class.

Additional Details:

Wand: Maple and Unicorn/ 10 inches



Try to be kind to people.
United States
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Favourite genre of music: 1950s and 60s.. the classics are usually the best


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